Uiflow Raises $15M Series A, Transforming All Enterprises to Become Software Companies

September 7, 2022

Today we are excited to announce that we’ve raised a $15M Series A round led by Addition and Transpose Platform, just ten months after our seed funding! Our Series A was also supported by Together Fund and a notable group of technical founders including Jeff Lawson (Co-founder of Twilio), David Helgason (Co-founder of Unity), Kevin Mahaffey (Co-founder of Lookout), Dharmesh Shah (Founder of Hubspot), Matt Mullenweg (Founder of Automattic), Charanya “CK” Kannan (Chief Product, Engineering & Customer Office at Talkdesk), Olivier Pomel (Co-founder of Datadog), and other visionaries across the space.  

This new capital will continue to enable our team to help enterprises build the best software faster by empowering entire teams with a no-code solution that works. As part of this milestone, we want to reflect on our growth and momentum. Since launching our beta user program in June 2021, we have users across more than 800 organizations. We’ve closed multiple enterprise accounts, and have also tripled our team over the last 12 months. 

We kicked off a major partnership with Freshworks last November, that is now in private beta and allows selected Freshworks customers to build custom applications to extend their capabilities of FreshDesk and FreshServices. This program has received huge interest from customers and we can’t wait to make this program widely available to every Freshworks customer in November 2022, with additional product coverage such as FreshSales.

We Built Uiflow For Builders & Doers 

In today’s enterprises we often see a range of technical minded users — from product designers, analysts, engineers, and more — who are unable to directly influence production of what their teams build. The fact is, the tools they rely on — from Figma to Sketch — enable them to develop designs and prototypes, but stop them from creating production-ready, functional coded solutions. Product managers and domain experts therefore often struggle to get visibility on the progress of application development, while engineers feel their time is wasted on updating pixels rather than solving challenging engineering problems.

Uiflow is the first and only no-code tool that brings together a seamless, collaborative process where creators can combine intuitive design and powerful engineering capabilities into one. This removes complete dependency on scarce engineering talent and equips integrators, designers, product managers, and domain experts to participate in the development process more fully. We allow enterprises to build software in a collaborative and effective way, enabling development teams to a new level of productivity.

What Does This Mean for Enterprises

Enterprises across all industries have to quickly transform to be software-producing enterprises. With business capabilities increasingly becoming more composable, modular and interchangeable, our customers are demanding a flexible system that can bring in capabilities from existing platforms and infrastructure to easily create engaging applications for their employees and customers.

On the other hand, we’ve interviewed many companies and have seen a pent up demand for customizing existing SaaS platforms to get more value. Starting with our Freshworks partnership, we plan to expand to more platforms and become the single customization platform for all major SaaS platforms.

Uiflow’s unique architecture and proprietary visual coding language, Flowlang™, breaks the barriers between siloed systems and empowers teams to build mission-critical applications truly tailored to their business needs. We are uniquely built to accelerate “composable applications” movement in enterprises.

“Billions of dollars are spent by enterprises on legacy software for low-code development. As software development has become easier because of the cloud, APIs and design first philosophies there is a large opportunity to build an easy to use platform that IT departments can adopt and train their users on. This is the gap that Uiflow’s platform is addressing and where there is pent up demand to unlock. This is the right time in the history of the market to aggressively go after this opportunity,” shared Sumon Sadhu, a partner at Transpose Platform who led our Series A and pre-seed funding.

What’s Next at Uiflow 

Today’s funding will allow us to grow our team, expand our product functionality, and increase enterprise adoption. 

We hope to grow in revenue rapidly over the next year and have recently brought in talent from leading organizations, such as Workday, Google, Uber, and AWS. We are hiring across all teams, with a special focus on product development and product marketing. Learn more about our open roles here

Our goal is to become the best development platform for front-end applications. This will allow us  to expand to and backend development easier, giving our customers a full stack of capabilities, while also providing them the choice of what capabilities they want to leverage.

We are just getting started on our journey of unlocking what’s possible when more of today’s enterprises are able to build beautiful, working applications. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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