Simplifying On-Site Service Ticket Creation for Productivity: A Freshworks User Case Study

October 5, 2023

Sign Store Macon, a signage and graphics company, needed an innovative solution to streamline their ticket creation process for on-site service agents. The existing process was cumbersome and inefficient, where on-site agents would take photos in the field, then have to email those photos to themselves, then go into the office computers in order to create a Freshdesk's New Ticket and attach the photos. This was an overly complicated and time-consuming, which delayed business operations.

The Challenge

Manuel, the Estimating Director, explained that they needed a custom solution that would enable their on-site service agents to create tickets and upload images while in the field. The app would need to work with Freshworks ticket creation and be simple to use. Sign Store Macon faced a challenge as they lacked internal web development expertise and struggled to find external options that met their unique needs due to the high cost of development and technical expertise required.

The Solution

Sign Store Macon used Uiflow, a powerful no-code development solution, to build a custom web application that streamlines the ticket creation process. It took anywhere between 10 - 15 hours for Manuel to build the custom app. The app presents only the essential form inputs, eliminating unnecessary complexities. It also allows on-site service agents to upload photos directly from their phones, which then are seamlessly attached to Freshdesk tickets. By simplifying and automating this workflow, the Uiflow app empowers agents to update Freshdesk tickets quickly and effortlessly, all while out in the field.

A simple form that ask for ticket id, task notes, button to upload photos and a button to submit form
Quote: "The support, especially from Matt, and detailed solutions on the online community were invaluable whenever I had questions or needed assistance” - Manuel, Estimating Director

The Benefits

Quote: "As a non-developer, I was amazed at how easy and intuitive Uiflow made app building. Uiflow's user-friendly platform allowed me to effortlessly bring my app idea to life. ”  - Manuel, Estimating Director

Sign Store Macon's successful implementation of Uiflow as a no-code development solution demonstrates the power and adaptability of the platform. By leveraging Uiflow's capabilities, non-software developers can build custom apps that meet their unique business needs, without the need for extensive coding development expertise. Additionally, Uiflow's management of the technical infrastructure freed up Sign Store Macon’s team to focus on their core business activities. Overall, Uiflow enabled Sign Store Macon to create simplified processes, ultimately boosting efficiency and productivity.

An additional benefit  side affect of having this custom web application is that on-site service agents can immediately show customers pictures of their work, helping with leads and sales.

Two images, one of the homepage with a search bar; the second image of a search result that displays two entries including images

Quote: "“With our Uiflow-powered app, we've seen a significant boost in our picture-searching efficiency. We can immediately show customers pictures of our work and the products we manufacture.” - Manuel, Estimating Director

Next Steps

If you're interested in leveraging the power of no-code development to streamline your business processes like Sign Store Macon did, we're here to help!

We offer custom Freshworks project types that can be tailored to your specific needs.  If you're facing a similar integration challenge to Sign Store Macon, we also have a template that you can use and modify so that you're not starting from scratch.

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Quote: "We plan to continue our app-building partnership as we scale our company.” - Manuel, Estimating Director